When Is the Right Time to Go to Mauritius? Timing Your Trip!

A lot goes into planning your trip or vacations. One of the most important factors that make your trip to any destination worthwhile is going to vacation at the right time when you can enjoy your holidays. When it comes to visiting Mauritius, one of the most popular tourist spots in the African continent, it solely depends upon which season suits your travel needs irrespective of whether you are visiting the capital city Port Louis Mauritius or Mahebourg.

Mauritius experiences a tropical climate and hence it is warm throughout the year. Enjoying summer at the beach is what most tourists prefer to do during their vacation. But still, there are few others who like the cooler climate. If you are yet to plan your trip, then read further to choose the timings as per your preference.

If You Love Summers, Then Enjoy It the Mauritius Way

When you visit Mauritius during summers, you should definitely be beach-ready because this popular tourist destination has some amazing beaches where tourists love hanging out and enjoying their day. Divers also get to enjoy a memorable diving experience at the beaches in Mauritius. Staying overnight at beach houses is an experience that is unparalleled. Book a beach house or vacation home along the beach and enjoy the stay!

The best time to enjoy this season is to plan a visit from October to April. Longer days, humid climate, and tropical weather are what you can expect during your stay. A swim in the ocean will definitely refresh your soul and the cool summer breeze at night will surely blow your mind away. Many people arrive at this destination during this season to enjoy their holidays. Plenty of water sports are available to make your trip memorable. Plan your trip in advance to avoid overspending due to last minute bookings.

If You Love a Colder Environment, Mauritius Will Still Delight You during Winter

The winter season in Mauritius sets in from July and continues till September. Although it is not as cold as Russia, when compared to its summer weather, the temperature is mostly cool and that helps you save up on your budget because air conditioned accommodation is not required for your stay. You can surely skip the rains during this season, which is a refreshing change for most people. Since the visit is during off-season, you can bargain and get hotel accommodation at much cheaper rates.

Activities such as hiking and biking are the most enjoyable sports during this season. Even surfers can enjoy surfing in some good waves during the month June – August when the temperature lowers and that is when the winter sets in.

If you enjoy a calm atmosphere, then not many tourists will be spotted at the historic locations during this season, which will ultimately help you enjoy your trip more due to less crowd.

Whether it is winter or summer, depending upon your interest, you can choose to go to Mauritius at any given point of time. But, be sure to book your travel tickets well in advance to avoid any inconvenience as such.

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