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Claiming a Compensation For Personal Injury


If you have been the victim of an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. There are two primary forms of personal injury compensation claims in Livingston, namely A court order or via the scheme of compensation for personal injuries personally inflicted.

Compensation for Personal Injuries 

The scheme of compensation for personal injuries that have been personally inflicted is another method of making a claim. This scheme is funded by the Department of Justice and Equality and administered by the personal Injuries Compensation Tribunal.

If you want to get the best personal injury compensation scheme, you must do so in the right way and choose the right solicitors. You must first establish that the accident took place. Then you must provide evidence that you endured mental, physical, or financial damage as advised that if you intend to make such a claim. You should hire Livingston Personal Injury Attorneys to handle your case. They will have the qualifications, knowledge, and experience to advise you regarding the best practice in the pursuit of your case. Again the severity of your lawsuit will be considered throughout the process.

Court Order

In some cases, you can bring your offender to court to be sentenced for his/her accidents against you. In such cases, the court may decide to award compensation to you for your suffering. This may be as well as a sentence to imprisonment or imposed as a penalty with a suspended sentence – this usually depends on the severity of the accident.

However, strict rules must be followed if you choose this method of pursuing a case. Also, the scheme only covers particular losses, and compensation will only be awarded in two circumstances :

  1. if you have suffered as a direct result of a violent accident
  2. if you have suffered as a result of assisting the prevention of an accident or assisting in the saving of human life during an accident.

If you have suffered damages, be it physically or financially, due to the illegal or unlawful act of another third party’s actions. You are entitled to take the legal recourse and file for a compensation claim. These claims cannot only recuperate some, if not all, of your losses, but they ensure that justice is served and the person responsible be prosecuted.



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