Instagram’s most well known dwelling plants

Fiddle Leaf Figs and Monsteras might look to be the Insta-feed-dominating darlings of the house plant environment, but they’ve been pricked at the put up as the world’s most well-known.

The cactus is the favourite “house plant” of Instagram, in accordance to kingdom, which analysed hashtags to come across the most prolific on the platform.

There were almost 24 million posts like #cactus, nicely forward of next-put #hoya (about 2 million), which also has a good deal of bragging rights presented the one particular with the crown (of thorns) is the identify of a entire household, which individuals are possible to be putting up from character, also.

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Monstera was even now up there, even though, with about 1.65 million hashtags, followed by Philodendron at about 800,000 and Ferns (about 600,000).

The Snake Plant was the “most Instagrammable” of the pointed out “air purifying plants” in the prime 20, according to kingdom, (about 300,000), followed by Chinese Evergreen (about 240,000) and Spider Plant (about 230,000).

“The minimum Instagrammable air purifying plants” had been Aloe Vera (about 100,000 hashtags) and Ficus (about 50,000).

Corn Vegetation (Dracaena fragrans) arrived in last in the examine, with about 40,000 hashtags.

INSTAGRAM’S MOST Well known Household Vegetation Under

Cactus — 23,948,259 hashtags

Hoya — 2,002,578

Monstera — 1,653,211

Philodendron — 797,169

Ferns — 613,956

Anthurium (Laceleaf) — 542,231

Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) — 498,259

Peperomia — 400,974

Rubber Tree — 313,862

Fiddle Leaf Fig — 307,196

Snake — 300,605

Chinese Evergreen — 242,599

Spider Plant — 230,078

Peace Lily — 199,816

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, also acknowledged as Zanzibar Gem) — 179,535

Madagascar Dragon Tree — 123,777

Coffee Plants (Coffea) — 123,166

Aloe Vera — 98,863

String of Pearls — 44,539

Corn Plants (Dracaena Fragrans) — 38,434


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