Sunday, July 21, 2024

Trident Lounge Judi Online Casino


Poseidon, the God of the Sea in Greek mythology, was a legendary lover like his brother Zeus, God of the Sky and ruler of Olympus. Known as Neptune in Roman mythology, Poseidon also had the ability to create earthquakes with his trident if he was unhappy.

But while you are in his realm, you are under his protection – and amongst the treasures in Poseidon’s Kingdom of the Seas you can find the Trident Lounge Casino, a spectacular creation which features 49 exciting games including 10 progressives. Poseidon awaits you with a super bonus of up to $70 at your choice of Flash or download casinos. (Editor’s note – Bonuses change on a regular basis – please visit the site for the latest bonus)

My first stop in Trident Lounge was at the 5-Reel Drive slot carousel – perhaps because it was strategically located at the entrance – but as this is one of my favorites I figured I’d try and get a head start on my expected winnings.

I was not disappointed. After about a half hour of play, a couple of nice hits had raised my balance enough for me to boost the coin size at Jacks or Better Power Poker. But I kept a wary eye on Poseidon in case he got angry enough to use his trident… LOL…

The only complaint I have about the Power Judi Online Poker games powered by Microgaming – you can only play four hands, unlike the 100-hand machines increasingly common in Vegas. Call me suicidal, call me crazy, but I just can’t get enough of multi-hand video poker.

In any case, Jacks or Better Power Poker treated me nicely for a while, dealing me a couple of pat full houses, and I drew to a couple of four of a kind hands. But inevitably my streak ended and I ended up breaking even before I decided to move on to another game. Poseidon must have been secretly smiling behind my back.

So I thought I’d go try a game that was sure to please Poseidon – the Seven Oceans slots. Poseidon must have secretly sneaked into the control area while I was playing, because I could not hit anything at all on these slots before I was tapped out. In retrospect, I probably should have played Winning Wizards in the hopes that they could override the might of Poseidon.

Despite losing my measly deposit, I had managed a lot of play and entertainment at this fine casino. I even managed to win a little bit in their free Lotto game! Trident Lounge Casino is powered by the ultra-reliable Microgaming software platform, and e-commerce transactions are handled by the increasingly reliable Proc Cyber. Support is fast and helpful and I would certainly not have any worries about playing here – in fact, I am sure to return to gain revenge on Poseidon – perhaps dragging his brother Zeus along with me for support!

So let Trident Lounge Casino pamper you in the utmost luxury – you will be safe and treated like a king or queen by the operators, Trident Entertainment Group – my favorite on the Net!



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