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With the cast for CBS’ hit reality television show, Survivor, announced yesterday, BoDog Sportsbook and Casino has made Deena Bennett and JoAnna Ward the odds-on-favorites to outwit, outplay and outlast the other 15 competitors when the show begins February 13. Both women are currently listed at 3/1.


Bennett and Ward are two of the 16 competitors chosen for the sixth installment of Survivor. BoDog has offered odds on the previous four seasons and last season’s odds-on-favorite, Brian Heidik, was the eventual winner.


“With so many Americans tuned into this show it’s almost a guarantee we’ll offer odds,” said Rob Gillespie, President of BoDog. “In terms of non-sporting Togel Hari Inievents, it’s one of the most watched competitive television events in the world. We’re proud to be the first to offer this kind of unique product to our clients.”


Roger Sexton, from Valencia, CA, is the top-rated male contestant at 4/1. Odds are offered for all 16 contestants, but BoDog Book Managers have annointed the two women as the favorites.


“We struggled to narrow it down to just one favorite,” said Gillespie. “Both women possess everything a good Survivor should have – physical fitness, brains, and above all else, an ability to handle different situtations on the fly.”


Gillespie made special note of the two women’s occupations as a determining factor. Bennett is a Deputy District Attorney and Ward works as a School Guidance Counselor.


“If they can handle those positions, then dealing with 15 other strangers won’t be such a strain on them,” joked Gillespie.


Betting on Survivor began today and will be available right up until the Season Finale.


Harrods to Reopen with Kismet Software


Harrods, the famous London luxury department store, plans to reopen its online casino ( as early as January. Harrods closed its casino last month after its software agreement with Gaming Internet plc terminated.


Kismet International ( will provide the software for the new casino. Kismet was formerly known as GoldPlay.


“We are delighted to be selected by Harrods, and look forward to providing a superior gaming experience, of the type players expect from Harrods’ luxury brand,” Kismet’s chief executive, Manu Gambhir, said.


Harrods has declined to provide data on the financial success of its online casino.

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