Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Play for Free – win real cash and casino accounts.


The race will start just as soon as you make your selections. You’ll need to use your GoneGambling username and password to enter your selections. It’s Free to become a member of GoneGambling and you can sign up here.

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The betting on each race is a “pick six”. That means you have to select six horses in the correct order to win the prize pool of $7,500. It’s not easy but there are plenty of other prizes along the way. Here’s what you can win:

1st in correct order – Win a $10 Palace of Inscrivez-Vous Chance Free Account

1st & 2nd in correct order – Win a $100 Mapau Casino Account.

1st, 2nd & 3rd in correct order – Win a $250 Slotland Account.

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th in correct order – Win $500 Cash!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th in correct order – Win $2,500 Cash!

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th in correct order – Win $7,500 Cash!

Recent Winners.

Username Prize

Vuek $10 Palace of Chance Free Account and 100 GG Points!

agolfer $10 Palace of Chance Free Account and 100 GG Points!

ee_reef $10 Palace of Chance Free Account and 100 GG Points!

The Field.

  1. Auction Rooms – A good bet at any time.
  2. Ball & Chain – Old nag who could cause a lot of interference.
  3. Blackjack – Ace performer.
  4. Casino Fortune – Has previously landed a lot of big bets.
  5. Casino Reviews – Excellent form on a lot of different tracks.
  6. Casino Tropez – Will always be up with the leaders.
  7. Fortune Room Casino – A good each-way bet.
  8. Free Lotto – Prize-money of $5,000 to date. A safe bet.
  9. Free Slot – Gets a good work out every day. Very fit.
  10. Free Systems – Good beginner.
  11. Good As Gold Casino – A seasoned performer.
  12. GreedyGirl – A big strong stayer
  13. Mapau – Consistent performer.
  14. Miami Beach – One of the best in this race. Hard to beat.
  15. Palace of Chance – Top performer which is always a value bet.
  16. Poor Old John – Knocked over by Ball & Chain last start. Hurt badly.
  17. Precious – New addition to the Abbott stable.
  18. Vegas Towers – New and exciting runner.
  19. Roulette – Keeps going around.
  20. Royal Vegas – In very good form.
  21. Slotland – A favorite with the WebTV Syndicate.
  22. The Gambling Guru – Been around a while. Will time his run perfectly.
  23. The Rodent – Young filly out of the Ball & Chain by Poor Old John.
  24. Vegas Palms Casino – Will be right in the money.

Place your bets.

You may place one bet on one race every 15 minute(s). Placing a bet means you have read and agreed to abide by the rules of this game as outlined here.


Yo must select six horses and place them in the order in which you believe they will finish. When you have made your selections you must click on the “Race Results” button to start the race and view the results.


Clicking on the “Race Results” button will take you to a sponsors site and also reveal the results of the race to you. This game is free to play courtesy of our sponsors. Please take the time to look around their sites after you’ve seen the results of the race.





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