Friday, February 23, 2024

Slotland Casino


At Slotland you will discover the most unique slots found anywhere on the Internet. With payout percentages of a rock solid 98%, all of the games are brilliantly different. Each one having its own special features such as the option to hold the reels or free bonus spins which always add to the fun.

Slotland also has one of the best bonus programs around, every month they are coming up with bonuses that are amazing, you will not find bonuses like these at any other casino. The bonuses start as soon as you open an account.

Because you are an All Online Slots visitor you will receive a $20 instant bonus after your first deposit of at least $10 and it gets better. Every time that your deposits total $1000, Slotland will give you a $100 bonus!


Getting these $100 bonuses can take one day or one year, that’s up to you. As you can see this bonus program is a fantastic way to get more spins for your gaming dollar. Play longer for less at Slotland.


Plus – The all new Deposit Delights instant bonus program! Every time you make a deposit into your Slotland account you stand a chance of winning up to 100% bonus. With Deposit Delights you can really “Win before you SPIN…”


With the new “Deposit Delights” every deposit has a chance of winning a bonus of either 10%, 20% or 100%. Heres how it works, every time someone makes a deposit an invisible counter moves up by one. If a deposit you make causes the counter to reach a number divisible by 10, you earn a 10% bonus, divisible by 100, you earn a 50% bonus and divisible by 1,000, you win a 100% bonus instantly!


Huge jackpots, unique games, great customer service, amazing player bonuses, what more could you ask for? If you play slots and have never played at Slotland then we highly recommend that you head over there today and check them out. You Roobet Casino never know, the next jackpot could be yours…


Update : Alternative Payment Options and Bonus Information


Slotland has just started to accept NETeller transactions. If you do not have a NETeller account now is a great time to open a free account. Why? Slotland is at the moment offering a 10% bonus on ALL deposits made using NETeller.

Cick here to visit the NETeller website and open your free account.




Click Here to Visit Slotland and Collect your EXCLUSIVE $20 Bonus






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