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A Slot machine has three spinning reels with 22 positions per reel marked with symbols. Each time a spin is made, the three reels come to rest randomly with a selection of symbols showing in the game window. Certain combinations of symbols in the game window result in payoffs. The payoffs for the different winning combinations are shown in a window at the top of each Slot machine. For some machines, like Rags to Riches you need to click on the Payout Table button to view the Payout Table.

William Hill slot machines operate like slots machines found in the casinos throughout the world. The only difference, which is greatly favourable for the player, is that you can switch your coin value from £0.25 to £5 without changing to another machine!



To begin playing Slots, you must deposit money into the machine. To do this, you must select a bill type (£100, £50, £20, £10, £5) at the bottom right hand corner of the Slots screen. You can toggle through the different bill types by clicking on appropriate denomination. Once you have made your selection, deposit the bill into the Slot machine by clicking on the bill deposit area. You should see a bill move into the Slot Judi Dadu Online machine. You may then select which coin denomination you wish to play – £0.25, £1, £2, or £5. To increase or decrease denominations, please click on the “up arrow” or “down arrow” buttons, respectively, at the left-hand side of the Slot machine.

Once you have deposited to the Slot machine and selected a coin denomination, the amount of coins you have available within the machine is shown in the Credits field at the top right hand corner of the Slot machine with an initial bet of 1 displayed in the Bet field. For example, if you deposit £20 with the coin denomination selector set to £1, you will see 19 in the Credits field and 1 in the Bet field for a total of 20. If you then click the “down arrow” button of the coin denomination selector (which changes the coin value to £0.25), you will then see that the Credits field has been changed to 79 and the Bet field remains as 1 for a total of 80. The Bet field displays the amount of coins you have selected to bet that spin. Please note that the BALANCE field will not change when you change the coin denomination since they show your balance in dollars (not coins.).

Once you have deposited money into the Slot machine and chosen a coin denomination, you may then click on the “BET ONE” button up to a maximum of three times which corresponds to the maximum bet of 3 coins. Some machines like Flower Power and Forbidden Fruit allow up to 5 coins. You may then start the reels spinning by clicking on the “SPIN REELS” button. If you would like to play with the maximum amount of coins per spin, you may alternatively choose to simply click the “BET MAX” button which will start to spin the reels for you automatically. When the reels stop, your payoff will be determined from a table of winning combinations shown on the top of each machine. Any credits you win will be displayed in the Paid field. Upon placing your next bet the credits in the Paid field will be added to your Credits (minus the amount of the bet which will be displayed in the Bet field). To turn your machine credits back into regular chips, click on the “CASH OUT” button.

To change the type of Slot machine you are playing, click on the Slot machine in the menu bar you would like to play. When you change the machine type, your credits and coin denominations will not change.


You can only change Slot machines when your hand is finished, i.e. when the BET buttons are active.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines:

The following machines offer a progressive jackpot: 25p Triple Olives, £1 Triple Olives and £1 Rags to Riches. Unlike regular slot machines, progressive jackpot slot machines operate on a fixed denomination. So, if you are playing 25p Triple Olives and you would like to switch to £1 Triple Olives, you need to exit the 25p Triple Olives machine and then enter the £1 Triple Olives machine. If you are playing a regular slot machine for £2 or £5 and then switch to a progressive slot machine, the denomination and Credits will change to the match the denomination of the machine selected. The top payout on a progressive jackpot machine is not fixed as in regular slot machines. Jackpot values start at a specific level and grow each time somebody makes a bet. The starting jackpot values are identified in the table below.

Game Name Starting Jackout Value

£1 Rags to Riches


£0.25 Triple Olives


£1 Triple Olives


Rags to Riches is not only a progressive jackpot game. It is also a shared jackpot game. This means that the value of the jackpot grows each time somebody makes a bet while playing at CASINO or any other participating casino. This means the jackpot grows faster.






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