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When James Villepigue registered the Web domain name “beamillionaire.com” two years ago, he didn’t anticipate that a similarly-named ABC TV game show – “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” – would become the most successful TV show in history. Now he hopes his web site addresses will be winners in the hot domain name auction market.


Villepigue and a partner are offering beamillionaire.com and beamillionaire.net for sale at www.greatdomains.com, the Internet’s #1 domain name marketplace. The starting price for the pair is $50,000, but the partners expect bids will escalate to a significantly higher figure, much like the progressive steps to $1 million on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.


Is Villepigue surprised by the success of his TV domain namesake? “Definitely,” he said. “Sometimes I’m asked if I copied the TV show name, but I joke that ABC copied my domain name. It’s just a coincidence, and maybe a very lucky one!”


“These addresses provide a unique opportunity for a company seeking instant recognition in the crowded Internet space,” said Villepigue. “They’ll give the winning bidder high visibility by association with the most popular TV game show ever, which translates into millions of web site hits.”


Villepigue explained that a family tradition of entrepreneurship led him to register beamillionaire.com. “Four generations of my family have been entrepreneurs,” he said. “I was casting about for some domain names that pertain to entrepreneurship when I came up with beamillionaire.com.” The New York resident also owns the rights to multi-millionaire.com and bigmoney.org, which he intends to sell.


If beamillionaire.com/net achieve a high price, Villepigue said he plans further development of a product he’s patented to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, the Digiciser® Rehabilitation Glove. “That’s my dream,” he said. “The Digiciser could really benefit a lot of people who suffer from painful hand and wrist problems. They would finally have a solution to help heal or prevent those problems while avoiding surgery.”


About GreatDomains.com


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NewKidCo, developers of classic titles such as Elmo’s Number Journey and Elmo’s Letter Adventure, have announced that they plan to bring more of their kiddie licenses to every next-generation console out there, including the Dolphin. Some of the licenses that NewKidCo possesses include Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh, Doug, Goofy, Dragon Tales, and Tom & Jerry. NewKidCo also plans on unveiling eleven new games of their 2000 line-up at next week’s E3. More soon if we can ever bring up the will to report on something like this again. Be sure to check out the full details at http://www.generation-n.net !




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