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You just discovered Togel advice about getting casino comps!


Our staff has gotten numerous questions about casino comps. Read on, because you are going to be enlightened the mysterious world of comps. Here are the typical questions.

I play at the casinos a lot; only I don’t feel like I got enough?

How do they calculate comps?

How can I get more comps?

Who offers the best comps?

Why should I use a comp card, only high rollers get good comps.

The truth of the matter is that casinos spend millions of dollars on comps. They devote a large percentage of their marketing budget to pay comps to new and returning visitors. Notice I said returning visitors too. They send you comps usually via direct mail, offering enticements for you to come back and enjoy some sort of luxury on them. Casino marketers do this to keep YOUR business. Whether you realize it or not, a casino is and always has been a business. They all compete for your dollar(s). Most have tremendous marketing ploys, including scenic attractions, boxing matches, and even famous performers.

Now that you understand the reason of a comp, I will move on to the calculation of comps. Comps are determined by several factors that include the amount of time you play, and the amount you bet per hand. Let’s say you are playing Togel blackjack for this example. In general the pit boss or floor person notices you have been playing $5 per hand over the course an hour. I also say notices because they usually oversee the tables to see if you are still playing and how much you are betting. On average, a dealer will deal 60 hands per hour. At that rate, you are betting $5 per hand, so in one hour your total bets equal $300. The casino advantage in the game of blackjack is roughly 2%. On average, you are considered to lose $6.00 per hour. Of that $6.00 per hour, they comp you 40% of that amount or $2.40. Some percentages differ slightly, but you get the general idea.

Finally, here are some tips on getting your fair share of those elusive casino comps.

Most important rule. Always, always, always use a comp card! Second rule. Don’t forget to use your comp card. Enough on that subject.

You need not be a high roller in order to use your comp card. In fact, about 80% of the comps offered by a casino go to the lower and mid-range players.

When you are at the casino comp desk, ask for 2 or 3 comp cards. If they inquire why you need so many, just tell them you are forgetful or your spouse needs one. Once you get your cards, leave one of them in a slot or video poker machine in hopes that someone will walk up to the machine and start playing. You would be surprised how often this happens. Don’t worry about losing your comp card, you can always get more. Take your second card and use that to play the games you play. If you got a third card, put that into a slot or video poker machine before you leave the casino.

If you are playing craps and you have a partner, you could do the following. You play strictly on the pass line, your partner plays strictly on the don’t pass line. Of course, there are a couple of conditions that you and your partner must agree on. First, you and your partner will only play the pass/don’t pass line. Second, you must agree that the $200 that you and your partner are playing with will be shared; no matter if you lose your $100 or your partner loses their $100. You will end up with your original $200 at the end of your play.

If you are playing most table games, you can ask for a marker on your spot. The dealer will save your spot for 10-20 minutes, depending on how busy the casino is. You continue to earn comps while you are absent!

I hope this has given you some ideas. If you have any others, email us and we will include them in this article. Good Luck!!!




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